About Us



Our intuitive founder, Carla Chavarria, noticed a division in the marketing styles between the Latino and the American market. This was evident in many media types, including commercials, billboard ads, and even magazines. That is why OCHO has a goal, to surpass the factors that exclude communities by age and to build a bridge through all lifestyles via art. We were also created by millennials, we know marketers frequently have difficulty reaching this generation with the same tactics used to capture the parents of the previous generations. Being a part of this unique group that developed in a constantly changing environment, is what has inspired our individual manifestations to be created.  

Consequently, we understand multicultural millennial philosophy; this time, we are taking it back to basics. Many times we feel we can do more than what we can really handle, it’s in our nature. However, we have to remember to focus on what’s truly important, quality over quantity. In a fast moving society, OCHO wants to implement a developed mindset, we will aim for keeping the core values while expressing a modern culture, one that is always moving forward with inclusion.