What Is OCHO Listening To?


We all have specific playlists ready to go for a workout, our commute, or a study sesh. As part of our routine to get ready to work, some of us have a cup of coffee, then we crack those knuckles and -hit it, we let the jams do their thing! But not everyone focuses the same way, here at OCHO, the team listens to different sound content when working.


Carla, being the enigma that she is, finds storytelling to help her concentrate and work better. Her latest interest is listening to Lore, on everyone’s favorite music app, Spotify. This is a podcast series full of dark history, that’s right history, there are real-life things that happened in real life. “It scares the **** outta me!” she says. If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit, this will do the trick! How is it that Carla can design and listen to murder stories all at the same time, the world might never know, but in the end she gets the job done.


You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, but have you heard of listening to books instead of reading them? Thanks to Audiobook, Vianey has been able to listen to The Disaster Artist when she’s stuck in traffic. This memoir was inspired by the terribly amazing movie The Room. This book is filled with details on the making of the movie and how it all came to be, it also goes a little more in-depth into the stars’ lives. Greg Sestero narrates and makes an appreciable imitation of Tommy Wiseau’s voice. If you’re completely lost, just google The Room, Bye Denny! 


Diego is infatuated by the new song featured in the latest Super Mario Odyssey release, Jump Up Super Star. The only other Mario song that comes close is the jingle for the star power up. It’s surprisingly danceable to and you’ll probably be humming it for hours -kudos Nintendo! It can set any environment into an energetic and hype tone. "The song is super catchy and gets me in such a great mood! Plus the music video shows Mario dancing, what's not to like?!" says Diego. We can say he’s a fan of big band jazz music, but even a greater fan of Super Mario.


Join us next time as we invite our first ever guest blogger!

*whispers* It involves food!

Carla Chavarria