New phone, who this?

It’s official -YCM Marketing shall now be known as OCHO: Design Agency! We are so excited to tell you guys about our makeover or how people in the business say "Re-Brand". We found it important to improve our image, our clients, and our services you know, as one does in life. Why? Because we needed an update, a fresh identity with a focused mission to grow better relationships. YCM was a teenager, it had tons of mixed emotions, and in the excitement of growing up, it got caught up trying to do everything at once. OCHO is now all grown up, we know what we want to do and how we want to do it, sure once in a while we’ll listen to some angsty rock, but only to reminiscence.

Now, our goal is to work with a diverse field, we want to collaborate with those in the food and fitness industry and have more involvement with our art community. We are also taking the saying “quality over quantity” to heart. We are changing our focus to creating, designing and spending more time in the studio.

We are so excited for you all to see the new logo, new website and digital footprint.... Now go check them out and hire us. 

Visit our website at: www.ochoagency.com


Carla Chavarria