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This page is dedicated to our rants


It’s official -OCHO is now launched and getting down to business, and by business, we mean party time! We are so excited to tell you guys about our makeover. We found it important to improve our image, our clients, and our services you know, as one does in life. Why? Because we needed an update, a fresh identity with a focused mission to grow better relationships. YCM was a teenager, it had tons of mixed emotions, and in the excitement of growing up, it got caught up trying to do everything at once. OCHO is now all grown up, we know what we want to do and how we want to do it, sure once in awhile we’ll listen to some angsty rock, but only to reminiscence. Now, our goal is to work with a diverse field, we want to collaborate with those in the food and fitness industry and have more involvement with our art community. We are also taking the saying “quality over quantity” to heart. We are changing our focus to creating, designing and spending more time in the studio.

It was very important to us to have our name in Spanish. As part of our identity, as a business and as individuals, we could not forget about our culture. We wanted to share our Mexican roots in everything that we do, as an homage to our history where our love is embedded; Mexico the place that inspires us.

A brief story behind our name while we’re on the topic. Back in high school, I knew this girl who used to call me “Ocho” every time she saw me. She knew I was Mexican, so she liked connecting with me using the only word she knew in Spanish. I’d walk to the cafeteria and I’d hear “Ocho!” from down the hall and if someone at gym yelled  “Ocho!” I’d know exactly who that was. Another connotation that came to mind was related to one of our all time favorite shows. If you grew up like us, eating conchas and watching El Chavo Del Ocho, then you know the last reference. Rest in peace Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

At this time, we’d like to introduce the people behind the scenes who are responsible for launching this project, the OCHO core team. Diego, this guy with a brave and bold soul has shared so many moments with me. Like that one time when we were in high school and he left me all alone in Ms. Cure’s design class. One of the most talented people I’ve come across, with OCHO since inception, and a great mind for creativity. Diego genuinely understands his community and what synergistic brands are about. With non-stop creations in photography and graphic design, he is that piece to the puzzle we need to complete OCHO. Also, he’s a twin!

Whenever Vianey and I are together, people constantly ask us if we’re related. Two brown girls with dark hair -of course we’re related! She translates her assertive personality into her work in a very creative way, an important trait to have in this field when thinking outside of the box is a need. Her youth brings out our inner child, the ones that sadly get left behind when our adults take over. She teaches us that you can be mature and young at heart all at once. Her understanding of what is unwritten makes working with clients at OCHO, as we say in Spanish, mejor.  

As for me, Carla Chavarria, well I’m awesome. That goes without saying, that’s why I had to say it.

Future blog topics include, but are not limited to: sharing what we are up to, top five donut flavors, telling embarrassing but important life lessons, how cats and dogs are equally in our hearts, why Benedict Cabbage-Patch is over rated and our favorite Beyoncé gifs. In all seriousness, in order to share our lifestyle with all of you, we wanted to share the experiences that go into that, it’s part of documenting the fun in the important work we do. We are heading out on a new journey and we welcome everyone to join our adventure and be part of something great with us.