Meet The Team

Meet The Team



Our team members belong to the millennial generation and they are handpicked based on their understanding of different communities, generations and professional fields. We were our parents’ translators and now we translate professionally; we were raised by technology and now we use it to create an impact. We grew up multicultural and now we use that experience to help companies and organizations build meaningful relationships between their brands and the audience. 




Carla Chavarria

Straight out of the City of Mexico, Carla uses her different skills to build start up brands! She creates emotional connections between businesses and the audience in the local communities in order to reach a greater audience. She is the founder of YCM Marketing, Ganaz Apparel and Mira Listen Podcast. On any given day you can see Carla kicking it at a downtown Phoenix cafe, working out at a gym or dropping skills at a pickup basketball game. A true leader at OCHO.



Diego Lozano

Born, raised, and residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Diego is a proud son of Mexican parents. He graduated ASU in 2014 with a Bachelor's in Arts and Design Management. During his involvement with the immigration rights movement, photography has since become his major focus. Diego has worked on many campaigns including Bazta Arpaio. He also owns his own company, Diego Nacho - Graphic Design + Photography, and is the Creative Director at Aliento. 

You can find Diego documenting community events, playing video games, and eating his favorite foods (tacos, burgers, donuts). Diego is our favorite at OCHO.    




Vianey Perez

A proud Jarocha from the state of Veracruz, Mexico, Vianey has lived most of her days in Phoenix. Inspired by all the colorful beauty in the valley, she joined the arts. She is now majoring in Design Studies at ASU, after graduating from Phoenix College with an AA. Her passion is for all things creative and sharing her culture with everyone around. When she is not designing she is busy with school, catching a flick, or starting DIY projects . She's kind of a badass at OCHO.